Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lady Gaga!

I went to see Lady Gaga at LG Arena in Birmingham last night, with my friend Jules and her 14 year old daughter. We drove there and got there in good time. There was entertainment in the entrance and we queued so Jules daughter could buy a T-Shirt. We had tickets for section 1 row YF, which we assumed was the highest row of the arena. However when we got to section 1 the lady checking tickets took our tickets off us and issued us with new ones for row F, which was 3 rows from the front! Result! Not sure why this happened, but we wern't arguing.

The support band was loud and every song had the F word in the title, and the lead singer didn't appologise to the parents with young children telling them they ought to thank him for introducing them to good F'ing rock and roll... Charming!

We joined in with several mexican waves going around the arena whilst we waited for Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga was late starting, apparently supposed to be on a 8.30pm, but came on nearer 9. Where we were sat we could see people milling about behind the scenes. There was a big curtain with images projected on it, which we could see on a side screen. After her first song, she launched into Just Dance, and we were up and dancing and singing along. Following was numerous skimpy and elaborate costume changes, stage prop changes, including a huge Angler Fish type Monster. I was particulalry impressed with a white outfit with fairy wings which moved. During the show we were refered to as little monsters and she was our Mama Monster. And we all had to show her our Paws. LOL.

During the show, me and Jules were distracted by the amount of people being pulled out of the crowed floor and being wheelchaired away after fainting. I've been to lots of concerts and never seen quite so many people taken away.

The show finished with Bad Romance, when Lady Gaga had reached her Monster Ball which again had us all up and dancing and singing along again. We left the arena and Jule's daughter was very happy, saying it was an amazing show!


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic night :) my friends went to see her too and said there were a lot of F words lol.
    Im off to see Pink at Alton Towers at the end of June :) I cann't wait :)

  2. I went to see her last Monday, I loved it I was right att he top though :-( I wasnt to impressed with the tribute band but Gaga was great glad you enjoyed it too ( hmm maby I should try making the firework bikini thing she wore..good look?!