Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Another Crafty Make!

It was raining yesterday and I couldn't do want I wanted to do, so I had another go at the Buttercup Bag. This time I enlarged the pattern and altered it so I could add a zip instead of a magnetic clasp.

I had a rumage in my fabric stash and came up with some denim and some stripy cotton drill. And some pretty material for the lining.

I am pretty pleased with the result!

I'm going to add a couple of buttons to the Denim strip for decoration.

View from the top, showing the zip and twee lining!


  1. Thats looks great Sarah i love the fabric!. I am going to have try making one of those. Do they take long? x

  2. I love your bag, beautiful colours and a great bag to make :) I will have to put a zip in my next one, is it easy?

  3. The zip was easier than I thought, you need to add a piece of material either side of the zip and sew it to the lining. There is a tutorial somewhere I'll try and find it for you.

  4. Really like the idea of putting a zip in instead of a clasp. Did you increase the size of the bag at all? Ive heard they are quite small based on original pattern? Love your bag!! - Pootle Flump x

  5. Hi Pootle,
    I increased this one so its more of a handbag size, rather than a clutch bag size.