Friday, 28 January 2011

Handmade Felt Doll

Whilst browsing the internet looking for things for my daughter to make out of felt, I came across this pattern for a felt doll

I showed it to my daughter and she liked it, so between us we have made it. I made the doll and my daughter made the clothes.

We cut the felt pieces slightly larger than the pattern printed them. Its all hand sewn using a small blanket stitch and the eyes are two small beads.

If you are interested in Doll Making, the author of the Nuno Doll Blog has a website with all kinds of dolls and doll patterns

We really enjoyed making the doll, and it was really nice to work on a project with my daughter.

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My 1st Crafty Make Of The Year

I have finally got around to making something this year.  I had the flu over New Year and the first couple of weeks of January, so haven't felt like making anything. However, I have kept up with reading my blog list and have been blog hopping to my hearts content.  I came across a tutorial to sew a pouch with the zip on the front. (it may have been from a link on the MSE Sewing forum). I mulled it over in my mind until it made sense, and yesterday I made the pouch with a bit of applique on the front and lined it with the same fabric as the applique.

The applique is a bit dodgy, sewing around the curves on the flower wasn't quite as easy as I thought, having thought the flower was a simple design. I think a bit of practice would put this right.

Still, I am quite pleased with this pouch, and I plan to make a some more using some fabric I spied in Dunelm Mill at the weekend, although I may try hand sewing the applique with a blanket stitch instead.

Sarah xx

Thursday, 20 January 2011

What Is It About The Colour Purple

This week I decided it was time to buy a new Laptop. Having done lots of research and set myself a budget, I decided on a Dell Inspiron. I then set out to find a good spec at a good price. I then happened upon a Purple Dell Inspiron with Pentium processor etc.,  which was £20 over my budget, but I just had to have it! Despite finding a Black one a bit cheaper, I decided £20 wasn't too much extra to spend on a lovely shiny purple Laptop.
I just had a look on Tesco's website and it is now discontinued, so I might have got the last one!

Last week I went shopping to spend £30 worth of Debenhams vouchers I had been given for Christmas. I found a Black leather handbag which has Purple leather inserts and a lovely purple lining.  After walking around the whole of the women's department to make sure there was nothing I rather have, I found myself walking back to the Handbag department and buying the handbag. I had to add some money to the vouchers, but I am so pleased with my handbag with purple bits on it! If anyone wants to know, its a Ben De Lisi for Principles 'Rex' cross body bag.
Whilst typing this post, I am wearing a Purple T Shirt (with Snoopy on it) and a Purple with black stripes jumper. I fact my wardrobe has quite a lot of purple clothing in it. Even my white bathroom has a splash of purple in it. (Small purple mosaic tiles, curtain and towels).

I find I am very drawn to the colour purple. I love it, 

Sarah xx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


I have just suffered a very nasty bout of flu!  It started on New Years Eve and even now I still feel a bit fuzzy headed.  Just in time to cheers me up I received this in the post today...

I don't enter many give away's, but when Greenpixey was offering one of her lovely crochet elves especially in purple as a prize I didn't hesitate to enter. And much to my delight I won!

I recommend Greenpixey's blog if you are interested in Crochet and amigurumi. She also has a shop on folksy... check it out!

I have a feeling it won't be long before my daughter has whisked my Elf away to play with!

Sarah xx