Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My 1st Crafty Make Of The Year

I have finally got around to making something this year.  I had the flu over New Year and the first couple of weeks of January, so haven't felt like making anything. However, I have kept up with reading my blog list and have been blog hopping to my hearts content.  I came across a tutorial to sew a pouch with the zip on the front. (it may have been from a link on the MSE Sewing forum). I mulled it over in my mind until it made sense, and yesterday I made the pouch with a bit of applique on the front and lined it with the same fabric as the applique.

The applique is a bit dodgy, sewing around the curves on the flower wasn't quite as easy as I thought, having thought the flower was a simple design. I think a bit of practice would put this right.

Still, I am quite pleased with this pouch, and I plan to make a some more using some fabric I spied in Dunelm Mill at the weekend, although I may try hand sewing the applique with a blanket stitch instead.

Sarah xx


  1. I love that fabric and the applique. I havent mastered curves yet but yours look really good!

  2. Lovely little pouch. I love the lining and appliqué fabric!

  3. I think that looks lovely. If you wanted to stitch the applique quickly you could always do raw edge applique and let it fray.

  4. Love, love, love it! The colors, everything! (been there with the flower shape, mine looked like a 3 yr old had gotten to the sewing machine!)