Friday, 11 November 2011

Newspaper Article That Made Me Laugh

I've just got back from my mums, where I had a quick look at her newspaper.... I came across this article about receiving Crafted Gifts...  I had to laugh especially at the bit about the woman knitting Mug Cosies on the train!

As a crafter I appreciate the amount of work that goes into a hand crafted gift, and I love to receive something someone has put time and effort into... However, I think it is wise to realise not everyone does!

Sarah xx

Monday, 7 November 2011

Space Invader T-Shirt - Silhoutte SD

My daughter wanted me to make her a t-shirt with my Silhouette machine, so I bought a couple of plain t-shirts and waited for further instructions...

Whilst I was browsing on a font website.  I was randomly typing in words and looking to see what fonts came up, a Space Invader Font appeared (This is a great website for fonts).  My daughter who was watching over my shoulder, saw it a said a Space Invader T Shirt would be great!   So I downloaded the font and installed it.  We opened up the Silhouette software and typed out the Space Invader font in Alphabetical order so my daughter could select which figures she wanted on the shirt,  she opted for a traditional space invader layout.

We cut each section of the design out in a different colour of the heat transfer vinyl and arranged and ironed them onto the t shirt.

The results are rather pleasing...

Sarah xx

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Felt Novelties Part 2

It was a colleagues 50th birthday recently at work, and her immediate work mates had clubbed together to buy her a Radley Handbag.  Of course I was inspired by the Scottie Dog logo, and set about making a bag charm.  Using a pattern from a previous project, I cut out 2 halves in contrasting colours and blanket stitched them together and was going to leave it flat, but in the end decided to lightly stuff it.

I didn't like it left plain, so I cut out the felt hearts and embroidered them on to the sides, and chose the beads for the eyes.

Finally I made the collar and lead out of a piece of fine ribbon and attached to a lobster claw.

Wendy seemed really pleased with her Scottie Dog and hung it straight onto her handbag!

The photos were taken with my mobile phone at work as I forgot to take a picture at home.

Sarah xx