Thursday, 3 November 2011

Felt Novelties Part 2

It was a colleagues 50th birthday recently at work, and her immediate work mates had clubbed together to buy her a Radley Handbag.  Of course I was inspired by the Scottie Dog logo, and set about making a bag charm.  Using a pattern from a previous project, I cut out 2 halves in contrasting colours and blanket stitched them together and was going to leave it flat, but in the end decided to lightly stuff it.

I didn't like it left plain, so I cut out the felt hearts and embroidered them on to the sides, and chose the beads for the eyes.

Finally I made the collar and lead out of a piece of fine ribbon and attached to a lobster claw.

Wendy seemed really pleased with her Scottie Dog and hung it straight onto her handbag!

The photos were taken with my mobile phone at work as I forgot to take a picture at home.

Sarah xx


  1. Ooh I adore these! You won't believe me but my mum makes a scottie dog shape every time she eats a piece of toast...I kid you not! So Scotties have a special place in our family lol!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love Radley bags, think anyone would believe my tattered old falling-to-bits handbag is a Radley if I made one of these for it?!

    And yes, I do sew, yes I sew bags, no I haven't sewn one for myself!

  3. Ive never seen a radley bag for real lol. I love the scotty dogs and how funny from Wag Doll about the toast xx

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