Thursday, 21 February 2013

Brand New To Patchwork

Its been a while, and was going to wait until, I had finished this project, however...  I haven't finished, but I thought I would show you my efforts so far.

This is my first attempt at some patchwork quilting. I have been reasonably interested in patchwork for a while, and decided a Cushion Cover would be easy to start with.

I found some co-ordinating fabrics deciding red should be the theme throughout, and checked some blogs for inspiration. This one told me what I wanted to know! The striping method appealed to me. An another blog I read told me about sewing them all together in to a tube, cutting across the seams and then unpicking the seams to make the squares come out in a different order, but I can't find the blog I'm referring to! I'm sure the patchworkers/quilters amongst you will know what I mean!

I'm quite pleased with the outcome, it was a pleasant Sunday afternoon spent cutting and sewing.  I will be finishing this project soon! Watch this space!

Sarah xx