Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Warriors Dance Festival

Just a quick post. Hubby and I went to the Warriors Dance Festival at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes last Saturday. We had a lovely day out sitting on the hill watching the various bands and festival goers moshing and having bottle fights (so thats what they do at Festivals!). If you look on You Tube there are some videos from people in the thick of it.

Bottles flying through the air!

I mainly wanted to see Pendulum, who were great! However people were constantly on the move and I got a bit annoyed with people just pushing past me to go somewhere, and one family stopped right in front of me with a 2 year old who was obviously fed up and playing up!

The top of the bill was The Prodigy who's stage set was spectacular, flashing lights and lasers, the music was loud and the now packed bowl was jumping .

We actually left whilst The Prodigy was playing their last song. I wouldn't normally leave prior to the very end, however I really don't care for Drum and Bass Dance Music... (I'm not sure that is the right name for it) or so I have discovered! LOL and the need for a wee and something to eat was far more appealing at that moment. I am definately a rock chic... (but I knew that already!)

Sarah xx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Teachers Gifts

Its my daughters last day at Junior school today. They had their leavers prom last night.

I let her have a rummage in my bag of crafty makes to find a gift for her teacher and she chose...

The orange with green thread birdie. She wrote a nice thank you note and put it in the pocket.

The hanging cupcake.

And my applique zip top pouch.
We placed all the items into a gift bag, and with a note from me to say she can let her friends write on her school t-shirt, she left for her last day!
Sarah xx

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Some More Crafty Pictures

Just a few more pictures of items I've made...

This is the 2nd Cupcake, the first one had dark brown cake and white cream and was bought at the School Fete last Saturday.

This is the Sarubobo baby with keyring attachment.

A felt flower... this originally had a face, but I didn't like it when I had finished, so unpicked it and embroidered on the dots.

Another felt birdie, black and white with a small card in the pocket!
Sarah xx

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sales at a School Fete!

Well, I am quite chuffed... Me and my neighbour attended a school fete yesterday. We set up, putting up the Gazebo and then laying out the stall. She always has one end an I have the other, with a few items each in the middle. We then decided to take down the gazebo as the wind kept gusting and it was trying to take off and we couldn't cope with holding down the items on the table as well as hanging onto the gazebo!

I sold a few items. First off I sold 2 Hanging Tooth Fairy Pillows, 1 pink and 1 blue. And then it went all quite for a while whilst there was various displays by the school children... I quite enjoyed the May Pole dancing, and was amused at the delayed start due to the ribbons all being tangled and the teachers trying to desparately untangle them. I then sold a felt Cupcake (sorry didn't take a photo) and felt birdie (the red one), the lady who bought them confessed she was a crafter too and was buying them to copy for a hospice she volunteers for up north! She also admired the 2 Denim neck purses that I had made from the pockets off a pair of jeans. These neck purses also sold to a little girl and a bigger girl, they both walked off wearing them!

The lady came to collect the stall fee which was £15 (too much in my opinion!) and finally I sold another tooth pillow and a Heart hanger (white with pink spots). I took a total of £21. My neighbour took loads more with her Jewellery (she always does), but I was pleased I actually sold something.

Sarah xx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

More Birdies

I've spent the most of the day making Birdies.

I had to go shopping this morning, and bought some cheap embroidery thread off the market for 20p a skein. A bargain, but I was a bit worried it was sub-standard, however I made the red one with this thread and it was fine!

I particularly like orange with green thread... I thought the colours contrasted nicely when I was sorting out the felt and embroidery thread. I also liked the pattern on the orange one, so repeated it for the pink one.

I'm having a stall at a school fete on Saturday, so I thought I might print some small thank you cards to go in the pockets... thinking teachers gifts.... maybe...


Embroidered Felt Birdies

Whilst browsing the internet I've often come across Embroidered Felt Birds, so I decided to make my own. So I drew a template and made the first one... of course being me, I decided the first one wasn't quite right, so the second one is slight altered... I've left the top of the wing un-attached from the body so it forms a pocket... might put a note or little something in there???
I'm still working on a few design ideas, with scraps of felt I've got, so will post some more pics soon!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sarubobo Babies

I came across this tutorial whilst looking for ideas http://mairuru.blogspot.com/2009/05/how-to-make-sarubobo-plush.html. I have adapted the pattern to make it my own... although I;m sure there'll be similar out there. I have added faces to mine, so they're not traditional.

It took me all day just to make 4 of these. So although they are small and cute, they are quite time consuming as they are hand stitched thoughout.

I have added key chains to them, to make them saleable at the craft fairs I attend. (Not sold any yet).


Some Crafty Makes...

I have been making things over the last few weeks, but not got around to showing it off... so heres a quick look see!

A blue version of the Hanging Tooth Fairy Pillow.

A large two handled bag, similar to the buttercup bag, but bigger, with added embelishment.

Same as the red bag above, but with fawn fabric

Peg Bags with various applique designs.... Pegs

Washing line... this design was inspired by http://drinkingfabric.blogspot.com%20(i/(I hope she doesn't mind)


Washing line version 2!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Today was my birthday!

Just a quicky! It was my birthday today. Yesterday we had a BBQ in the garden with friends and family, today I went for lunch to a carvery with Mum and dad, and this evening me, hubby and our 2 children went for Chinese.... I think... in fact I know... I am well and truly stuffed....

What did I get for my birthday?

Chocolate Cake..... Yum, whoops should have taken a photo before we dived in.... LOL!