Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sales at a School Fete!

Well, I am quite chuffed... Me and my neighbour attended a school fete yesterday. We set up, putting up the Gazebo and then laying out the stall. She always has one end an I have the other, with a few items each in the middle. We then decided to take down the gazebo as the wind kept gusting and it was trying to take off and we couldn't cope with holding down the items on the table as well as hanging onto the gazebo!

I sold a few items. First off I sold 2 Hanging Tooth Fairy Pillows, 1 pink and 1 blue. And then it went all quite for a while whilst there was various displays by the school children... I quite enjoyed the May Pole dancing, and was amused at the delayed start due to the ribbons all being tangled and the teachers trying to desparately untangle them. I then sold a felt Cupcake (sorry didn't take a photo) and felt birdie (the red one), the lady who bought them confessed she was a crafter too and was buying them to copy for a hospice she volunteers for up north! She also admired the 2 Denim neck purses that I had made from the pockets off a pair of jeans. These neck purses also sold to a little girl and a bigger girl, they both walked off wearing them!

The lady came to collect the stall fee which was £15 (too much in my opinion!) and finally I sold another tooth pillow and a Heart hanger (white with pink spots). I took a total of £21. My neighbour took loads more with her Jewellery (she always does), but I was pleased I actually sold something.

Sarah xx

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  1. Hello Sarah,
    That sounds like a School Fete I did a couple weeks ago. People were complaining of the £15 table as well!

    It was my friends childrens school and she is a Governor, so like to support her. At least I made £35, mind you by the time you take the table and cost of making:-/

    I sell papercraft products and also make papercraft gifts.

    Am having a give-away over on my Blog if you want to pop over and have a look. Drawing it on 25th July!!
    Michelle x