Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Warriors Dance Festival

Just a quick post. Hubby and I went to the Warriors Dance Festival at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes last Saturday. We had a lovely day out sitting on the hill watching the various bands and festival goers moshing and having bottle fights (so thats what they do at Festivals!). If you look on You Tube there are some videos from people in the thick of it.

Bottles flying through the air!

I mainly wanted to see Pendulum, who were great! However people were constantly on the move and I got a bit annoyed with people just pushing past me to go somewhere, and one family stopped right in front of me with a 2 year old who was obviously fed up and playing up!

The top of the bill was The Prodigy who's stage set was spectacular, flashing lights and lasers, the music was loud and the now packed bowl was jumping .

We actually left whilst The Prodigy was playing their last song. I wouldn't normally leave prior to the very end, however I really don't care for Drum and Bass Dance Music... (I'm not sure that is the right name for it) or so I have discovered! LOL and the need for a wee and something to eat was far more appealing at that moment. I am definately a rock chic... (but I knew that already!)

Sarah xx

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