Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A week in not so sunny Blackpool

We are back from our week away in Blackpool. We went with Jules and her family and my Brother and his family, 12 of us in all.

The Tower from the Beach by our hotel.

The weather wasn't brilliant, but we didn't get caught in any major downpours. We stayed in a hotel with Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal, which was great as there was no shopping, cooking or washing up. It was a bit of a pain having to get up for breakfast, but we could go down as late as 9.30am. We had travelled up to Blackpool on the train and brought tram/bus passes so we spent the week travelling up and down the promade on the varying trams. We even went as far as Fleetwood just because we could (end of the tramline) and all the way to the pleasure beach the other way. (The very ends of the line were being dug up in preparation for the new supertrams in 2012).

A trip to the Amusements was a must!

We went to the Pleasure Beach during our stay, it was a lovely day out. I went on one of the rollercoasters, but not the Big One. I loved the horsey ride, I think it was the Steeple Chase. My son, nephews and Jules daughter all went on the Ice Blast ride, the one that shoots straight up and then down again. We had to laugh at the photo from the ride, my son and his cousin were holding hands as they were scared! Top tip for visiting the Pleasure Beach... Monday's are a quiet day!

We also visited the Tower, highlight was the Tower Circus, a full two hours of entertainment. We also sat in the Tower ball room, which is lovely inside. No-one would dance with me though.

Stanley Park was another day out, boating lake, golf and model village.

In the evenings we went to Uncle Tom's Cabin, although there was entertainment in the hotel, theres only so much kids entertainer, bingo and crooner, one can take in a week. Highlights at Uncle Toms Cabin were Karaoke, Miss Blackpool heat and final night there was a Billy Idol Tribute which was a great evening rounding the week off nicely.

We travelled home again on the train, the others by car! I think we needed to go home to rest!

Sarah xx

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  1. We spent Sunday at the pleasure beach the kids just love it there! We are in the Lakes at the minute and the only nice day weather wise was Sunday. The kids favourite ride was the steeplchase, they were running round and round and joining the queue again.
    Kandi x