Sunday, 28 April 2013

Doggy Treat Bag

My sister in law asked me to make her a 'Doggy Treat Bag' after the one she had bought fell apart.  The one she had, had a draw string top and a large clip to attach it to your belt. Unfortunately the lining was quite cheap and frayed badly, hence fell apart.

She asked for the bag to have a cross body strap on it instead of a clip. Having given it a bit of thought I decided to create a bag with a flap and button closure, and I lined the bag with some waterproof lining to avoid smells etc,

I didn't use a pattern and winged it a bit, however it is just an oblong piece of fabric cut with a point at one end, and folded up to make the bag and pointed end folded down to make the flap.

The piece of gingham sewn on the front forms a pocket and the flap is also lined with the gingham. I finished off with a button hole, self covered button and matching strap.

This is the lucky dog whose treats will be contained in the bag, he was about 6 weeks old in this picture. He is now at least 4 times as big and still growing.

I hope my sister in law likes it, I have wrapped it up and sent it to her to open on her 50th Birthday. 

Sarah xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Crochet Baby Owl

I just couldn't resist this Crochet Baby Owl pattern I found on Ravelry when browsing for bootie patterns.

I didn't have any safety eyes as recommended in the pattern, so I made the eyes from felt and stitched them on. So cute!

Very quick and easy to make, I have a couple more in the pipe line already.

Sarah xx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Blue Booties and A Campervan T Shirt

Just a quick post this week, to show off the Blue Booties which I had to crochet quickly due to the chap at work having had a baby boy! (I was sure it would be a girl - pink booties here).

This is the last time I will post about crocheting booties (for now! LOL)

I also completed a project with my marvellous Silhouette SD, for my Brother in Law, who requested a Campervan T shirt, after seeing the West Ham one I made for my husband.  Brother in law Terry is a Chelsea supporter, so of course the Campervan had to be in Blue and White and with a Chelsea Logo.

I was really impressed with the way the Silhouette coped with the intricate design of the logo at quite a small size. (The cat logo is already on the t-shirt, which Terry provided me with).

I love my Silhouette machine and must do some more projects with it.

Sarah xx

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pink Crochet Booties - Finished

The Pink Booties are finished I couldn't turn them into Mary-Jane's, I'm just not that clever!  I need to start with a Mary-Jane pattern, I'm sure a more experienced crocheter would have known what to do...

Pink and Cream Booties

However I am very pleased with the Pink Booties, the shape is much better than the green ones from my last post.  It just goes to show that following the pattern and taking your time is worth while.  I've even realised I had only done 3 rounds of cream on the cuff on the green ones, when it should have been 4!

Top and Bottom Views

I have been out and bought some Duck Egg Blue wool, so booties attempt 3 will be on its way soon!

Sarah xx

PS:  The baby hasn't been born yet, so there is still time to have booties ready in the blue too!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

I've just finished watching the first episode of this new programme, it was on last Tuesday on BBC 2, however I recorded and watched it latter as it clashed with Holby City!

I was intrigued and excited to see a programme about sewing with members of the public, albeit the "cream of amateur sewers" competing to make the best items. I enjoyed Project Catwalk when it was on a few years ago, which was way beyond my skills with pattern designing and drafting, but the "Sewing Bee" sounds like much more my level!

I understood the programme would take a similar format to 'The Great British Bake Off' and it did!  The first challenge was to make an 'A line'Skirt from a provided pattern in 3 hours.  The 2nd task was to alter and embellish the neckline of a simple top in 1 hour. And the 3rd task was to make a dress from a pattern of their own choosing, but to fit it to a live shapely model in 7 hours.

One sewer got sent home, having not proved herself, a 2nd contestant was supposed to go too,  but one had already gone home sick, so will be allowed back next week.  I personally would have sent a different contestant home from the results I could see!  But they seem to gloss over some of the contestants finished items, so I couldn't particularly judge.

I'm not sure that they really have the 'Cream' of amatuer sewers, but there again I'm not sure that  I would do a perfect job given the time restraints.  I shall be watching again this week, as although I have been sewing for many many years, I have learnt a thing or two... namely invisible zips! and I shall be buying an invisible zip foot for my machine.

Of course there is a book to accompany the programme, reviews appear good!  

Sarah xx