Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pink Crochet Booties - Finished

The Pink Booties are finished I couldn't turn them into Mary-Jane's, I'm just not that clever!  I need to start with a Mary-Jane pattern, I'm sure a more experienced crocheter would have known what to do...

Pink and Cream Booties

However I am very pleased with the Pink Booties, the shape is much better than the green ones from my last post.  It just goes to show that following the pattern and taking your time is worth while.  I've even realised I had only done 3 rounds of cream on the cuff on the green ones, when it should have been 4!

Top and Bottom Views

I have been out and bought some Duck Egg Blue wool, so booties attempt 3 will be on its way soon!

Sarah xx

PS:  The baby hasn't been born yet, so there is still time to have booties ready in the blue too!


  1. Very cute and red is perfect for either a boy or a girl!

  2. So so cute - love them. And you can never have enough shoes whether your a baby or a grown up!

  3. Fabulous booties, really lovely colour.

  4. Cute booties - time for a rainbow selection of them if the baby's not born yet?!

  5. These are lovely and I think they are far 'cuter' than Mary-Janes. Great job well done.

    1. P.S I am a big Bon Jovi fan too!

  6. Ohhhh Sarah, they're SO cute!! Simmi x

  7. Very cute and good luck with the last pair:)

    Janice x

  8. Practice makes perfect and each time will look better and be easier than the one before. They are lovely