Sunday, 19 May 2013

Colour Blocked T Shirts

Whilst browsing the fabulous Pinterest recently I came across this blog post for making your own Colour Block T-shirts which had been pinned, I dutifully re-pinned and went shopping.

I bought my T shirts from H & M for £3.99 each. I have a colour block T shirt previous purchased also in H & M for £9.99 which I love and have worn to death.

I cut the T Shirts using my rotary cutter and pinned and sewed the two halves of each t-shirt together using the zigzag stitch as suggested in the original post.

Please excuse my tubby tummy, I'm working on reducing it!

I gave the seams a quick press with an iron and hey presto I now I have 2 lovely Colour Blocked T-shirts.

Sarah xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

More Peg Bags

The ladies in my office wanted Peg Bags made. As they are both dog owners and always talk enthusiastically about their dogs, I decided to make the Peg bags doggy themed.

I made the Peg Bags out of plain cotton calico and cut the dog shapes out of flocked vinyl with my Silhouette SD machine. I found the dog pictures on the internet and traced them with the Silhouette software and not wanting to waste the excess vinyl around the dogs, I cut out some paw prints too, just to add an extra something to the bags. I have also Ironed a couple of paw prints to the back.

Border Collie
I made an extra peg bag whilst I was at it, and cut a butterfly out of normal T-shirt vinyl, again I cut the smaller butterflies to use up the excess vinyl. The black vinyl is layered on top of the green vinyl

The ladies were both very pleased with the Peg Bags, especially as the dogs were the same breed as their actual dogs. The butterfly peg bag will go into my craft stall stock!

Sarah xx

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Beach Hut Peg Bag

We need a new peg bag! The old one is a bit weathered and the pegs keep falling out of it!

I have made peg bags before, so I looked out my old pattern, which I had previous drawn up.  However, being me, I decided to make something new!

I've always liked the Beach Hut as a quirky design, so decided to base the Peg Bag on it.

I used some stripy fabric and did a bit of applique for the door and life ring (buoy), I made the roof separately and stitched it on after I had stitched the bag together.

I think I need to make it look a bit more beach hut like, at the moment, its a bit Garden Shed, except for the life ring, perhaps a Bucket and Spade would help, or some pastel colours.

However its is perfectly functional the way it is, and my husband and daughter said it looks like a beach hut.

Sarah xx