Sunday, 21 July 2013

T Shirt -Re-Size and The London Film and Comic Con

Recently we had a family day out to the London Film and Comic Con. My daughter is the enthusiast for all things Manga etc.,  It was a good day, lots of people were dressed in costume and we enjoyed seeing some Cosplay and memorabilia from various films.

I love the look on this lady's face as she met Alien!

There were also lots of famous people from films signing pictures, notably David Hasslehoff,  'The Smoking Man' from The X files and Danny Glover, from Die Hard etc.,  Lots of Star Trek and Sci Fi Movie stars was there and there were people giving talks, we sat in on the man who voices the Mario Brothers!!! (we needed a rest at that point, but it was interesting).

My daughter wanted a few souvenirs of the day and we bought a few bits and pieces including a manga book and a couple of T-shirts, one of which was a bargain at £2 because all they had left were X-Large!  I suggested we buy one, because I could make it smaller for her... hence this post.

I did some research and found a really good tutorial on pinterest
 T-Shirt Resizing

I was a bit hesitant about cutting into the T-Shirt, but I considered it wasn't a lot of money to waste if it all went wrong and chopped away! As you can see, quite a lot of fabric needed removing. This method also allowed us to preserve the Logo on the sleeve, which I thought we may have lost otherwise

I zig-zagged all the seams as suggested and zig-zagged the hem as well, and I and my Daughter are really pleased with the results.

Just Right

Sarah xx