Thursday, 20 January 2011

What Is It About The Colour Purple

This week I decided it was time to buy a new Laptop. Having done lots of research and set myself a budget, I decided on a Dell Inspiron. I then set out to find a good spec at a good price. I then happened upon a Purple Dell Inspiron with Pentium processor etc.,  which was £20 over my budget, but I just had to have it! Despite finding a Black one a bit cheaper, I decided £20 wasn't too much extra to spend on a lovely shiny purple Laptop.
I just had a look on Tesco's website and it is now discontinued, so I might have got the last one!

Last week I went shopping to spend £30 worth of Debenhams vouchers I had been given for Christmas. I found a Black leather handbag which has Purple leather inserts and a lovely purple lining.  After walking around the whole of the women's department to make sure there was nothing I rather have, I found myself walking back to the Handbag department and buying the handbag. I had to add some money to the vouchers, but I am so pleased with my handbag with purple bits on it! If anyone wants to know, its a Ben De Lisi for Principles 'Rex' cross body bag.
Whilst typing this post, I am wearing a Purple T Shirt (with Snoopy on it) and a Purple with black stripes jumper. I fact my wardrobe has quite a lot of purple clothing in it. Even my white bathroom has a splash of purple in it. (Small purple mosaic tiles, curtain and towels).

I find I am very drawn to the colour purple. I love it, 

Sarah xx


  1. I like a splash of purple too, although I can't wear it as a top or jumper with red hair :(

    Your new bag looks lovely x

  2. I love that, I would have paid extra for that too. Purple is my favourite colour but I have no purple in my home furnishings at all! I should remedy this. My next door neighbout has the thickest deep purple carpet in her lounge and it looks amazing!
    Kandi x