Sunday, 13 June 2010

Bon Jovi @ The O2 Arena

On Friday 11th June 2010, me and Jules set out at 4.30pm out for what would be my 12th Bon Jovi concert, this one would be at the O2 Arena in London (which was once the Millenium Dome). I had bought train tickets for the Virgin Train service which goes directly to Euston Station without stopping anywhere else, my impatience got the better of my frugal side. Once at Euston we stopped for a Burger and Chips and then headed to the Tube, Northern line heading south to Waterloo, and then Jubilee Line heading east to North Greenwich. The O2 Dome is quite a spectacular site as you leave the Tube station and walk up the covered walkway towards the entrance. I think Jules was quite impressed. (I had been before, Bon Jovi opened the O2 a couple of years ago). Upon arriving at the entrance I texted a BackstageJBJ (Bon Jovi fanclub) friend to tell her I had arrived, she text me straight back and we found her just outside. We stood and chatted for a while, and other Jovi friends joined in the conversation, some new and some I had met before. (Its funny, people you never meet, but have so much to talk about with). I asked Jules to take a group photo to mark the occassion.

Time was getting on, so we headed into the arena to find our seats, stopping off at the Loo's and then the Bar for a Bottle of cider each. The support band were already playing, a competition winner! We quickly found our seats and climbed over from the seats behind, to save the row of people having to stand up for us. We sat down and took in the view of the stage and the size of the arena, quite awesome!

The support band finished and we clapped politely, and the stage crew came on to prepare the stage for Bon Jovi.

All of a sudden the lights dimmed and the huge screens dropped down to the front of the stage (we could see the band coming on behind the screens, however the front of the house couldn't) the roar of the crowd was deafening, Jon Bon Jovi strutted on stage and launched into his first song 'Happy Now' which is from the new album The Circle. The whole arena who were on there feet cheering loudly by now, started to quiet down and the hardened fans were singing along...

The arena really came alive when the band launched into "You Give Love A Bad Name" of course everyone knows the oldies.

They played my all time favourite which is "Keep The Faith", I think Jules thought I had gone mad, the way she looked at me jumping up and down like a lunatic! I just love the way the whole arena lit up and you could see every arm in the air when they sang 'Faith'. My other favourites played were 'We Got It Going On' and ' Diamond Ring'. I should give special mention to 'Let It Rock' which Jon said they hadn't played since 1987. It was in honour of David Bryan going back to the states to (hopefully) receive a Toni award or 13 for his broadway show 'Memphis'. The intro to 'Let It Rock' is a keyboard piece apparently call 'Pink Flamingo's, Davids moment in the spotlight.

In my opinion it was a great show, up there with Hyde Park in 2003 and Shepherds Bush Empire in 2002. The set list was fantastic, you can't beat the oldies, and some of the new ones are OK. But of course the show ended with 'Livin' On A Prayer' The Jovi Anthem from the 80's, I'm sure Jon can't quite reach the high notes anymore, but the Audience certainly raised the roof for this one.

You know the show is over when the Band put their instruments down and the earplugs (sound monitor) come out. The Band take their final bow and its all over.

Me and Jules headed home. I was extremely happy. I'd a great night out... Can't get better than Bon Jovi!

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