Monday, 24 May 2010

Glorious Weather and a Wind Farm!

What a lovely weekend. I must thank my neighbour for hosting a BBQ yesterday in his backgarden. We lounged around in the shade of large umbrellas, ate bbq'd burgers and sausages, and drank lager and cider! Wonderful..

On the way home from work today, I caught sight of a Wind Farm that has been built near our town. I was taken by surprise, I've never seen it before (not sure how long its been there). However, what a magnificent sight! Huge white windmills with there gi-normous sails standing majestically in the middle of farm land against the green of the fields and the blue of the sky. I've always read what an eyesore these windmills are. It maybe that the sun has gone to my head, but these looked fantastic! I really wanted to stop to get a better look, but couldn't find a good spot! Maybe I'll have a trip out to have a better looksee!

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  1. me too i find our hypnotic, better let someone else drive methinks!