Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Weekly Excercise Class

I been to my weekly excercise class tonight, which is actually Line Dancing Lessons. I decided I was too old for Aerobics or Step classes, and my friend Jules and I decided Line Dancing might be a good crack and a bit of excersie!

We have been going since the beginning of the year and are in the beginners class. We're doing quite well and can now do quite a few easy dances without having to be shown first, the lady that takes the class just puts the music on and off we go.

There have been a few funny moments where we all go wrong, usually we're following someone at the front, they do the wrong steps and we copy, it has a bit of a domino effect as the wrong steps get repeated by the rows behind followed by giggles and laughter by everyone. Mind you I don't need to copy someone elses wrong steps, I'm quite capable of going wrong all by myself.

There are Line Dancing Disco's and Dances nearly every weekend, we haven't been yet, but we were told last week by someone we know in the intermediate class that we're probably not good enough yet... ! Charming! however me-thinks some people may take it all a bit too seriously and may take a dim view at our attempts to get it right and falling around laughing when we go wrong! I think we need a little look-see at some point in the near future to find out! (Not sure if we need cowboy boots and hats though!). Watch this space LOL!

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