Monday, 23 May 2011

Two More Scottie Dogs

I know I have revisited a couple of old projects again recently, but I like to make things again to try different methods or materials.

I made the white Scottie Dog exactly the same as the black one I first made (here) just because I enjoyed making it and wanted to make another one.

However, I made the Purple Scottie differently in 2 ways.  1 I made it smaller to see if it was fiddlier and 2 because I have bought some wool mix felt and I wanted to see how it made up into something. (The black and white Scotties are 100% Acrylic Felt).  The purple Scottie, was a little more fiddlier to make, but the purple wool felt made up lovely, and feels nice and soft.

And now I have a family of Scottie Dogs!

Sarah xx

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