Friday, 27 May 2011


I wear a Lanyard at work which carries my Swipe Card, which lets me in and out of the car park and the department in which I work.

The supplied lanyard was just a metal ball chain! It was very cold in the mornings when I put it around my neck. I got to thinking I could make Lanyard out of the prettily patterned ribbons that you can buy in the craft shops and I had a little search on the internet for the metal split rings and Lobster Clips.

Having searched and come accross some hand crafted lanyards made of material, I realised I didn't have to use ribbon, which was perhaps a bit thin, and so I made one out of material, folded serveral times and top stitched. I've added 2 buttons at the bottom for decoration and to hold the clip and ring in place.

Of course, having made one, I had to make a whole bunch, and add them to my craft stall, I've sold 2 already!

Sarah xx


  1. What a great idea! SO much nicer than the usual grey or black lanyards you normally get! :)