Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Meeting Robert Patrick

Ever since I met my husband, randomly people have told him he looks like the T1000 character from the Terminator 2 film, you know the Liquid Robot!

It died down after a bit, just the odd comment occassionally.  However it started up again lately when some lads in our local pub had watched the film and then came in to the pub and told him they had just seen him in it.
This is my hubby in 1995

When we found out Robert Patrick was in town at the Collectormania Event, we decided to take the opportunity to see the man for ourselves, I paid £20 to get my husbands photo with him.  I managed to get a photo of Robert as he came into the room. Note the wagging finger from the women behind telling me no photos. LOL. Robert was charming, as he came in he was thanking everyone for coming!

Bearing in mind the film is now 20 years old, Robert has aged somewhat.... so has my husband,  However here is the picture of my husband with his lookie likie!

I think the resemblance has all but disappeared now! LOL
 Sarah xx

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  1. Wow, I hate to say it but, unlike your husband, Robert Patrick hasn't aged very well has he? I used to rather like him - he was also in The Sopranos for a few episodes - but he's off my 'Dreamy Men' list now!

    K xx