Saturday, 11 December 2010

Elf Christmas Stocking

I have been wanting to make a Elf style Christmas Stocking, ever since I found this pattern way back in the summer. I have been on the lookout for some suitable fabric ever since and whilst I was browsing in Ikea this week, I came across a cheap red fleece blanket and had a flash of inspiration.

Using the pattern I cut out the stocking and hand embroidered on the felt hearts with silver thread for decoration , but instead of making the cuff with the points, I used the decorative edge on the blanket. I stuffed the toe as per the directions and added a silver bell.

I think it turned out rather well... I've decided this is my Christmas Stocking and I have hung it up in the hope Santa will pop something nice inside it for me on Christmas Day!

Sarah xx


  1. Aww Sarah thats mega cute!! The decorative edging looks fantastic. x

  2. That is sooo cute, I love it

  3. Aah thats just gorgeous! Those fleece blankets are a total bargain, need to pick some up on my next trip :)

  4. That is SO cute!! How great that you were able to find a cheap fleece blanket to use to. Fabric can be so expensive if you don't get it on sale so that is fantastic :)

  5. It's adorable! I want to create a resist and felt myself one now (I can't sew worth beans). Yours deserves to have a treat or gift put in it. I know my kids have put their homemade school gifts in ours already and they are very excited to fill mine and my husband's stockings. Too Cute.

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!