Friday, 8 October 2010

My New Sewing Box

It was my birthday back in July, and I told my husband I need a new cabinet to keep all my sewing stuff in! He had to agree as most of my material was in bags stuffed behind the sofa! (or to the side) We've have just got around to buying one....

I spent most of last Friday sorting out all my sewing stuff, being ruthless with fabric I will probably never use and putting it in a bag for freecycle.
The cupboards have room for the rest of the fabric, wadding and stuffing.

Each drawer is sorted in to patterns, ribbons and lace, buttons and bits and bobs, and top drawer is for scissors, sticky tape, measuring tapes, needles and pins etc...

How marvellous to have everthing sorted and to hand!

Sarah xx


  1. Oh I'm jealous! All my sewing stuff is piled in carrier bags and tins in the spare bedroom :(

  2. Oooh, you are lucky, I could do with one of these.

  3. that is such a nice unit. you're very lucky!! and thanks so much for the fabric!