Thursday, 21 October 2010

Felt Hair Slides

Another thing I have come across on my Blog Hopping is normal metal hair slides and clips converted into lovely hair accessories. I finally got around to buying some plain clips this week, and after viewing many tutorials and articles I made some... to my own design.

The top one is the first one I made and like most of the ones I've seen, has the motive on the end. This one is made from the metal hair slides that snap shut! I decided to be a bit different with the middle ones and sew the motive in the middle.

The bottom ones are made with Curl Clips or Alligator Clips. Ribbon is glued around the clip and then the design is glued to the clip.

I think both clip styles are equally effective and I might just make a few to sell on my craft stall!

Here are a few of the web pages where I got my inspriation... This last site is selling their Felt hair clips, but the designs are fantastic and vast!

Sarah xx

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  1. Hello
    They look lovely ~ I am just about to order some felt, so now I will order a little bit extra and be able to have a play at making these ~ Thanks for the links.
    Justine x