Monday, 6 September 2010

Summer is over, but I did make some things...

Its about time I posted again. I kept meaning to, but with the children on school holidays, demand for my PC was at an all time high. Plus with days out and things to do I just didn't get 5 minutes to post.

I did, however, keep up with the blogs I subscribe too and one of them included a Six Pocket Pouch of which I have now made two. The blog/Tutorial is here

Here are my versions

I need to buy some nice matching ribbon to thread through, I have just used what I had in my stash for now.

I was very pleased last bank holiday Monday to get an email from Misi, telling me I had an order for two of my Hanging Tooth Fairy Cushions... I had sold the ones made previously, so spent last Tuesday making some more.

Work in Progress...

The finshed articles, 2 of which were immediately wrapped and posted to my buyer!

Sarah xx


  1. I love those little cushions, well done on the orders!
    Kandi x

  2. Well done Sarah ! I love the fabric you used to make the Hexagon Tote-Along Pouch :) Can I write about your creation in my blog?

  3. Hi Penny, yes you can, I used scraps from a big bag of material I was given.
    Sarah xx