Monday, 9 April 2012

Silhouette Easter Cake

I hope you all had a lovely Easter...

My daughter made a lovely Chocolate Cake to take to our relatives... we had been invited for dinner.

I couldn't resist an opportunity to use my Silhouette SD machine to make a decorative band to go around the outside.

I had searched the internet for ideas or a pre-made design, but could only find Cup Cake Wrappers.  I didn't have a lot of time to look, so I made my own.  I used the trace facility to get the rabbit shape from a picture I found on the net,  and used the flower which comes with the software.  The scalloped border is just some circles in a row and merged on top of a rectangle. And then some smaller circles inside the scallops. After cutting it out from yellow paper, I just lined it with the green paper and some grease proof paper.

The cake was received well and looked lovely on the table for the 2 minutes before it was sliced up and eaten.

Sarah xx


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