Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Credit Card Wallet

My mum mentioned the other day that she wanted a little holder for credit card and store cards.  We happened to be in TK Maxx at the time and we couldn't find one and I little voice in my head said, I could make one...  Mum was soon distracted by a pair of shoes and I hatched a plan.

I scoured the internet for ideas and patterns, and decided on drawing up my own.  I rifled through my fabric cupboard and picked out some likely candidates.

A few hours later, the time it took hubby to take the kids to the cinema to see the latest Disney offering 'John Carter' (funny I used to work with a John Carter, and there was a John Carter in ER,  OOoooo Noah Wyle). a'hem... I had made 3 credit card wallets.

The first, not bad, but too much iron on interfacing, I interfaced every piece of fabric and its just too bulky. I also forgot about a tag or elastic to hold it closed. I haven't included a photo of this one as it is very similar to my third effort!

The second, I only interfaced half the fabric, so turned out quite well, however I miss measured the top card pocket and the Credit Cards sit level with the edge, which I decided is not ideal, I also decided the outer fabric is upside down and the Elastic/ Button is on the wrong side.

Third attempt.... Just Right.

I am going to make another one, as I really like the finish of the fabric, the second attempt was made from.  It is a Japanese Linen Mix FQ that I bought at the MK Handmade and Vintage Fayre. I will attempt to photograph the steps and make a little tute for you.

Sarah xx

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  1. Thats nice, I made up one of these a few weeks ago for my daughter's boyfriend.