Sunday, 23 March 2014

Peacock Cottage Peg Bag

Whilst blog hopping last week, I came across a blogger that had made a Bag out of a piece of fabric from Hillary's Blinds...  It was a competition entry, and the competition was still open. There's nothing like a piece of free fabric and a comp to get my mojo flowing again...  find out about the Hillarys Blinds Country Crafts competition here.

I chose the rather striking 'Bird Parade Teal' and was inspired to re-invent my Beach Hut Peg Bag, into a Cottage!

My cat was very interested in the project and of course came to inspect the fabric and the co-ordinating fabrics I had selected to make the roof, windows and door.

Not wanting to chop a bird in half a carefully positioned my pattern to incorporate mainly the 'tree' for the front and a whole bird for the back.

After making the opening in the front of the peg bag, I appliquéd the door and windows, using a bit of pale blue with clouds fabric for the window panes. I added a small button for the door knob.

The roof is two strips of fabric, hemmed and sewn together and then sandwiched between the front and back whilst sewing them all together.

The whole peg bag is finished with a heart under the eaves of the roof.


And of course the Peacock in all its glory is on the back!


I'm quite pleased with the result. A fresh, bright design, fit for anyone's clothes line!

Sarah xx


  1. What a fun idea! I love the way the peacock fills the back and all the cottagey details on the front are just adorable :) x

  2. Ooo! THAT is LOVELY! Great fabric, too. -- seriously, WHO *doesn't* like Peacocks?! - Anyhoo, HOPE you WIN!!

  3. This looks brilliant, good luck with the competition!

  4. What a beautiful and very stylish peg bag, I love the way you positioned the pattern to make the most of the fabric.

  5. It looks gorgeous! I'm doing the same competition and managed to cut out the pieces yesterday. Hoping to sew tonight! Good luck

  6. Gorgeous! I like the way the tree looks like vines growing on the front wall And the bird on the back has such a sophisticated attitude... as if saying "This is a bag containing pegs but doing it with style!"

  7. Gosh, it's beautiful. Good luck with the competition xx

  8. It's really unique the way you displayed the peacock pattern. What a fun design!

  9. Wow this is incredibly creative and such a thoughtful idea !! Xxx you are very talented my lovely xx Check out my latest blog post at !! Xx followers are desperately needed xxxxx