Saturday, 9 June 2012

My Diamond Jubilee Post

Well that was the Diamond Jubilee Week over and done with... Well not quite, I have decided to reserve the right to have a Barbecue in aid of the Diamond Jubilee when the sun is shinning. I' m sure the queen won't mind...  I think she was a real trooper to stand in all that rain on the river Thames for 4 hours plus, putting a very brave face on the worst British weather we could have possibly had! Who's idea was it to change the Bank Holiday Weekend.  If they had kept to the original May Bank Holiday and just added the extra day on to that, the weather would have been splendid.  Typical!

I decided to make my own souvenir and as I had downloaded a trial copy of Coral Paint Shop Pro...  I merged two pics together to make the flag above....  I will add a few appropriate words and make it into a needle case or something else that takes my fancy! Watch this space... (I have taken 2 days off at the end of next week to do some crafting.  Shhhhh... Don't tell anyone, as I don't want people to allocate any jobs to me or ask me to do anything if they know I am off work).

I hope you all enjoyed the Diamond Jubilee...  We won't see another one in our life time.

Sarah xx

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