Friday, 16 September 2011

Fabric Strawberries (Pin Cushions!)

Another thing I have been meaning to make for ages is Fabric Strawberries.  I'm sure I have seen lots on t'internet... but I decided to follow this pattern from Embroideroo.

Again I have used red fleece and also made one out of normal fabric.... just to see how it turned out.  I found the fleece lent itself very well as it has a little more give in it to shape itself to a strawberry.  The fabric one turned out well too, but the fleece is very tactile.

Attaching the felt leaves gave me an opportunity to use my hot glue gun, and I was rather pleased with the result, although I could do with a bit more practice with the gluing and rolling up the stem without getting the glue all over my fingers and everywhere else. I am still toying with making some more and adding some embroidered pips to the fleece version.

Sarah xx


  1. These are fab I love strawberries. Can you believe it the song on the radio is "theres a guy works down the chip shop swears he's elvis" it came on just as I read your profile, I had to laugh what a coincidence.
    Emma x

  2. Beautifully made strawberries!!