Friday, 26 August 2011

Lavender Hanging Hearts

Quite often, people pick up the hanging hearts on my craft stall and smell them!  Alas they don't smell as they're only stuffed with Hollow Fibre stuffing.  I have been meaning to make some Lavender Hearts and finally got around to buying some lavender.

So here is my Lavender Hanging Heart, it is inspired by this post on Marmalade Rose's blog!

I have a policy of trying to use what I already have from my sewing cabinet, and luckily had some bleached calico and some white lace which was sent to me in a fabric swap!

They were very quick and easy to make and were very well received on my craft stall.

Sarah xx


  1. Beautiful and I bet it smells gorgeous!

  2. Very pretty :) Love the simplicity of it. You could make other smells too, (you know, for awkward people like me who can't get on with lavender!) like cedarwood - good for keeping moths at bay - just what crafty folk need!