Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bon Jovi at Hard Rock Calling 2011

I went to see Bon Jovi at Hard Rock Calling yesterday. It was amazing, one of the best concerts i've seen (and I've been to a few Bon Jovi Concerts).  They played for a full 3 hours and of course played all the old favourites, but also played some of the songs that we die hard fans really appreciate!  Highlights for me were 'Hey God', and These Days amongst others.

Being a fan club member I had Gold Circle tickets so had a great view and room to dance and sing. The arrow marks my spot LOL!
Photo Hard Rock Calling

They played a total of 27 songs set list as follows:
- Raise ur hands
2 - Bad name
3 - Born to be my baby
4 - we werent born to follow
5 - Lost Highway
6 - Its my life
7 - In These Arms
8 - Blaze of Glory
9 - Lay ur hands on me
10 - Cptn Crash
11 - Bad Medicine/pretty woman/shout
12 - Hallelujah 
13 - When we were Beautiful
14 - I'll be there for u
15 - Who says u cant go home
16 - Sleep when I'l dead
17 - Hey God
18 - HAND
19 - KTF
20 - Dry county
21 - Wanted
22 - Some day I'll be Saturday Night
23 - Prayer

Encore 2
24 - Always
25 - These Days
26 - Blood on Blood

Encore 3
27- I love this Town

Still buzzing with excitement this morning!

Sarah xx

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  1. Hi honey, Gigglekitten had been in touch saying she is having trouble contacting you for the swap. Would you mind dropping her an email? If you drop me a line I'll give you her email address. Mine is Kandipandi{at}tiscali{dot}co{dot}uk
    Thanks honey, any problems please let me know.
    Kandi x