Thursday, 24 March 2011

Knitted Flower

Another pattern found via fellow blogger Kandi Pandi. She very kindly included the pattern on her blog.

I'm not a knitter as such, I just know some basics. But, I thought it looked fairly easy, although the bit in the pattern which gives it the fluted look had me slightly worried, and then relieved when it turned out fine! (Kandi's instructions were spot on).

When I was looking for a button to sew into the middle this was the first one I found. I thought it was perfect!

I'm pleased with the outcome, perhaps its a little bigger, bulkier that I thought it should be. Not sure if I will make anymore... I may do!

Sarah xx


  1. It's fabulous! The button is just perfect too. I thought they were quite bulky too, for example you couldn't really pin it to a cotton top as it's a bit heavy, I wear mine on my coat and cardies. Well done for trying something you are not that confortable with it paid off.
    Kandi x